NEW TO YOGA? What style of yoga will I be learning? We have different types of classes at our studios - there's something for every level of student. To see the different types of classes we offer, click here!

MY BODY IS NOT FLEXIBLE CAN I STILL DO YOGA? Of course! Yoga is not just for the super bendy. We offer open-level classes with modifications for each pose to accommodate all different body types. If you want to develop more flexibility, though, taking classes will definitely help you get there!

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO CLASS? Wear something comfortable that allows you to move freely: gym shorts, spandex, or sweat pants and a t-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt, or long sleeve t-shirt. Shoes are prohibited, and socks are optional. Keep in mind that you will be working your way toward putting your body in some interesting positions. Should you be wearing baggy or revealing clothing, your neighbor may get a little more than asked for…

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? All you need to bring is your clothing and an open mind. Yoga mats ($2) and towels ($1) are available for rent, though you are welcome to bring your own.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? You will move, breathe, sweat, and quiver. You will be challenged. You will see postures that you cannot do—though we will guide you into postures before you even know it. Your first few yoga classes may be confusing, perhaps even overwhelming at times, and the learning curve is very steep. As you progress, poses become increasingly familiar. When the movements become natural enough that you don’t have to think, you can connect movement with breath - then, the moving mediation can truly begin.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? Lay your mat at the center of the room so you can hear the teacher, and watch others if you get a little lost. Be sure to mention any injury to the teacher before the class begins


DO I NEED TO REGISTER FOR A CLASS ONLINE? Though not required, pre-registration will ensure your spot in any class and is most helpful for peak evening classes. You may cancel a reservation ONLINE up to 1 hour before the start of any class, and you must be present 5 minutes before the class begins to claim your spot.

DO I REGISTER FOR CLASS ONLINE? If you already have a MINDBODY account online with Yoga Vida, you can register for class here by logging in with your username and password.

If you have been to our studio, but have never registered online for a class:
>> Go to our online class schedule
>> Click the "My account" link at the top of the page
>> Login using your MINDBODY Username/Email and Password.

If you have never taken a class at Yoga Vida:
>> Go to our online class schedule
>> Click the "My account" link at the top of the page
>> Click the "Create an Account" button. 
>> Enter your information and click "Register".

        DOES MY NEW MINDBODY ACCOUNT NOT REFLECT THE CLASS PACKAGE I HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED? You have likely created a duplicate account to sign-up online that is not associated with your existing Mind Body account that was created when you first visited Yoga Vida. Please ask our front desk staff to merge your accounts, or email doyoga@yogavida.com with a description of your issue.

        HOW DO I LOGIN WITH THE YOGA VIDA MOBLIE APP? To use our Mobile App, download the App to your phone & sign in using the same MINDBODY username and password you use to sign up for classes online. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE AN ENTIRELY NEW ACCOUNT, AS THEN WE WILL HAVE TO MERGE DUPLICATE ACCOUNTS SO THE MOBILE APP RECOGNIZES YOUR EXISTING CLASS PACKAGES.

        * If you create a duplicate account for the Mobile App, please ask our front desk staff to merge your accounts, or email doyoga@yogavida.com.

        DO YOU HAVE LOCKERS? We have individual cubbies inside each classroom to store your items—please remember to turn your cell phone off or put the ringer on silent.

        DO YOU HAVE SHOWERS? Some of our space do not have showers. Please see our locations page for more information.

        STUDENT, FACULTY, VETERAN & SENIOR DISCOUNTS  Do graduate students count? Yes, assuming you are paying for higher education, and consider yourself an engaged student.

        HOW DO I GET A DISCOUNT? Bring your student, senior or faculty ID to any of our studios, and our front desk staff will verify your ID and update your account. Veterans please bring your VA card. 

        DOES IT EXPIRE? Student & Faculty Memberships are re-verified every September. Senior and Veteran Memberships are eternal. 

        HOW OLD IS A SENIOR? 65 years or older.

        I TRIED TO REGISTER FOR CLASS ONLINE, BUT I AM NOT RECEIVING A STUDENT RATE. Your student membership may have expired in our system. Bring your student, senior, faculty ID or VA card to any of our studios, and our friendly front desk staff will verify your ID and update your account.