When I graduated from my 200 hour teacher training I still felt unsure about leading an hour long. Vinyasa class. I had learned a ton during TT, but I didn't have a lot of practical teach experience. By the end of the Yoga Vida mentorship program I had taught over 15 community classes and it gave me the confidence I needed to get out there and really teach what I knew. It was awesome to work one on one with an experienced teacher and have someone to go to for questions or advice. The Yoga Video mentorship program helped me take my teaching to the next level, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to build confidence and sharpen his or her teaching skills. -Andrea Russell http://andrearussellyoga.com/

The Mentorship program at Yoga Vida helped me gain confidence, find my voice and improve my teaching in a very short period of time. It gave me the opportunity to start teaching in a safe space, engage with my students and connect with the Yoga Vida community on a deeper level. My mentor Danielle helped me push past my self-doubt and anxiety around teaching, challenging me to improve and grow as a teacher with every sequence, homework assignment, and class. I can confidently say I wouldn't be where I am today as a teacher if it weren't for Yoga Vida, the Mentorship program, and Danielle! I'm forever grateful for and indebted to the program and the rare teaching opportunity it provides. -Sofia Adler


Yoga Vida's mentorship program was truly invaluable. I worked one-on-one with one of the most highly respected teachers in the yoga community, learned how to mindfully sequence my yoga classes and delved further into anatomy and philosophy. Additionally, I taught multiple donation based community classes at Yoga Vida, which undoubtedly boosted my confidence as a teacher and gave me the experience needed to further my career as a yoga teacher. I highly recommend Yoga Vida's mentorship program, as I had an incredible educational experience at one of the most revered (and my favorite!) yogastudios in NYC. - Erika Epstein yogiberi.com @yogiber

So you’ve finished Teacher Training and memorized a sequence....Now what? If you plan on teaching lead yoga classes, Yoga Vida Mentorship program is a must do. You have the chance to adjust a room full of serious students. To develop the touch that can be of service to students of all different levels and also know when to back off. You have to chance to get up in the front of a community class and sometimes totally mess up and bomb at first. And then after time and with experience you will have to precious opportunity to develop your own style and discover the unique gifts only you can offer. And all under the watchful eye of a trusted mentor,who will point you in the direction you need to go even if it isn’t where you thought you were supposed to go. The mentorship program will give you the chance to develop the art of teaching. -Vida Dominguez  www.vidaluzyoga.com

Completing the Mentorship Program with Heather Lilleston made me a real yoga teacher. Not someone who just "knows" about yoga, but someone who can actually share that knowledge effectively in a classroom setting. She challenged me, critiqued me, and pushed me to find my own voice. I recently moved to a New Orleans and was hired by all 3 studios that I auditioned for. I would not be a full-time professional teacher without Heather's tough love and guidance. -Amanda Smear Baudier www.thesocialsutras.com 

Thanks to the mentorship program at Yoga Vida I was able to begin teaching classes in a beautiful space to a great community. I got to spend quality time with my mentor who showed me new adjustments, taught me sequencing techniques, and gave me valuable feedback. Without the mentorship program I would not be the teacher I am today. -Sarah Todd 

After I completed my 200 hour teacher training I was looking for the next step in starting my career as a yoga teacher. With no teaching experience I felt a bit lost and enrolling in the Yoga Vida Mentorship program was exactly what I needed to develop my skills and confidence through teaching real classes and working one on one with one of Yoga Vida's amazing instructors. I now have a successful private yoga business where I get to work one on one with my students everyday and guide them on their yoga journey. Without the Yoga Vida Mentorship program I would not be where I am today and I am forever grateful. Thank you Yoga Vida!! -Gillian Gossow www.gillianyoganyc.com