Sun Salutation Variations

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English/Sanskrit Knees, Chest, Chin/Ashtang Pranam

Level Basic

Alignment From Downward Facing Dog, roll forward to the top of a push-up, keeping shoulders over wrists. Lower knees to floor, arch back and lift hips up as you dive your chest and chin forward in between your hands. Keep pressing palms down with elbows drawing into your sides, and release shoulders down your back. Keep hips high up and pull navel in.

Modifications If experiencing pain in lower back or neck, only lower chest forward and down as far as is comfortable, or place a blanket under chest.

Do not perform if experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome or any serious shoulder, wrist, elbow, or neck injuries.

Benefits Improves posture, strengthens legs, increases awareness and develops grounding.
Posture Center


English/Sanskrit Lunge, Ardha Mandalasana

Level Basic

Alignment From Downward Facing Dog, lift one leg up and back and then step that foot forward in between hands. Make sure front knee is over ankle in a right angle. Press through the ball of back foot and reach heel back, keeping back thigh active. Keep hips level, press hands down, lift navel, reach chest forward, and draw shoulders down your back.

Modifications Place blocks underneath hands if palms don’t press down fully.

Do not perform if experiencing serious lower back pain.

Benefits Strengthens legs and stretches groins and hips.