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India top

In 2020, we are headed back to one of India’s most sacred places – Vrindavan.  This is a rare opportunity to experience the rich culture of North India under the care of trusted and knowledgeable local experts.  We will stay at the Jiva Institute: a center of international learning that possesses clean facilities, a friendly staff, and an abundance of vegetarian food.  Jiva Institute Founder and Director, Dr. Satyanarayan Das Babaji, will teach a daily class on the Bhagavad Gītā—likely the most influential text on yoga.  We will also have daily yoga classes and guided cultural excursions in the region: Taj Mahal, Krishna’s birthplace, animal sanctuaries, modern and premodern temples, museum with rare collection, Yamuna River boat ride, shopping markets, live music, and more.        

DATES: March 12-22, 2020
YOGA VIDA STAFF: Mike Patton and Eileen Goddard

Single Occupancy - $1850 (flight not included)
Double Occupancy - $1600 (flight not included)
Meals, accommodation, in-country transportation, teachers, guides, entrance fees: all included.
** $250 Discount for YV 200 Hour TT, Mentorship, India, Lundy and Catskill alumni! 


Bhagavad Gītā is likely the seminal pre-modern South Asian Sanskrit text; it has captured the imagination of popular and scholastic audiences in India and around the world for centuries.  As a yoga text, it highlights the paths of devotion (bhakti), action (karma), knowledge (jñana), as well as that of meditation (dhyāna).  The Gītā, as it commonly referred, has been translated in over seventy-five languages and is often referred to as a “spiritual classic.”  But it is also a text with a rich history and specific literary context.  It is not an independent literary work, but rather occupies a place within the great Indian epic, Mahābhārata.  Babaji uses allegory in applying the text to a modern context and making its message come alive for each reader.  No prior familiarity is required; all are welcome!