I’M NOT VERY GOOD AT YOGA. CAN I TAKE THE TRAINING PROGRAM? Yes! That’s the whole point, to take your practice to a new level of understanding. Our teacher training helps you learn the foundations of asana and philosophy, and empowers you to share your knowledge. You don’t have to be able to do a headstand or balance on one pinky toe to learn these fundamentals.

I’VE ONLY BEEN PRACTICING FOR SIX MONTHS. CAN I TAKE THE TRAINING? Yes! If you’re hungry for the information, you’re ready! Some of the best teachers we’ve seen come out of the training programs are those that enter with the least amount of experience. It all depends on your approach. As long as you are committed, you will be nourished by the information & inspiring individuals around you.

I DON’T WANT TO BE A YOGA TEACHER. IS THAT OK? SHOULD I STILL TAKE THE TRAINING? Yes - as long as you want to learn more about yoga. Many of our students take the training exclusively to deepen their own practice. For many, this is the first step on the road toward seeing yoga everywhere – not just on the mat.

CAN I MISS A WEEKEND? CAN I MISS A DAY? DO I HAVE TO BE THERE FOR THE ENTIRE TRAINING? Attendance is required. Any missed lecture or section must be made up during a future training program before in order to receive a certificate from Yoga Vida. Depending on the length and content of the missed section, a make-up session may be arranged. For consistency of the teachings, and the integrity of our program, we insist that all attendance be mandatory.

WHERE IS THE TRAINING LOCATED? All the lectures are held at our Noho studio at 666 Broadway @ Bond St, 3rd Floor.

HOW DO I REGISTER? First, click here to fill out an application online. Then click here to sign up. FREE yoga throughout the duration of the program begins the day you pay in full.

    WHAT IS YOUR REFUND POLICY FOR TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAMS? $500 of your tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable. The full cost of the Program is non-refundable and non-transferable within 31 days before the Program begins. No exceptions.

    HOW DO I MAKE UP LECTURES THAT I MISSED? We will email you before the very next 200 Hour TT Program begins with a complete schedule of the upcoming lectures. If you are unable to make up the required lectures in the very next TT program, it becomes your responsibility to follow up with us and request a schedule for the upcoming programs. If you miss more than 20 hours of your 200 Hour program, and you can't make all delinquent hours up in one upcoming Training Program, an extra administration fee of $500 will be required for every subsequent program that you must join. If the cost of the 200 hour program increases from your original training fee, you will be required to pay the difference in cost if joining a later program.

    WILL I NEED TO APPLY FOR YOGA ALLIANCE ACCREDITATION SEPARATELY? HOW DO I GO ABOUT THAT? Yes. After you successfully finish the requirements of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion qualifying you as a 200 hour RYT through Yoga Alliance. All you have to do is send in an electronic copy of your certificate and register yourself through their website.