Our Philosophy

At Yoga Vida we make yoga accessible, affordable, and inclusive.  Believing your daily yoga practice should not become a financial burden; we serve as a comfortable and inviting oasis where you can connect your body and your mind through the movement that resonates with you. There is no judgment, pressure, ultimatums, nor demands.  This is yoga for everyone.

The Yoga Vida method connects purposeful movements with conscious breath and takes an educational approach to improve body awareness and promote the realization of individual choice.  We believe that yoga can have a profound impact on your life.  We strive to explain and present yoga in a way that allows you to be an independent thinker so you can incorporate what you learn through your practice into your daily life—both inside and outside of the studio.

Yoga may give you a sweet set of abs and a well-contoured backside, but these are merely results of consistent yoga practice. Walking on your hands and touching your toes (with straight legs), however awesome, are results of regular yoga practice and not its purpose.  What yoga seeks is union: a union between the body and mind, a union between friends and enemies, right and wrong, hot and cold, and light and dark.  Helping two forces—that at first appear so different—form a harmonious connection. This is yoga.  Understanding that, although individual, we are also quite the same. Seeing yourself in others (even the homeless man on the corner), and seeing others’ qualities in yourself (maybe the homeless man again)—this is Yoga.

Although yoga begins in a studio, what you learn can be taken anywhere and is richest when shared with others.  The journey that is yoga is endless.  At Yoga Vida we remain committed to providing an environment that continues to inspire the growth in your life that yoga has inspired in us.

At Yoga Vida we offer quality yoga at an affordable price, and we remain committed to beginning and continuing your yoga education.