Hilaria Thomas

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Hilaria spent her childhood living in both the United States and in Spain. As a young child, she studied ballet, flamenco and gymnastics and at the age of 13 she began international latin ballroom dancing. She has competed and performed professionally as a latin dancer in the US, Europe and in Asia. Hilaria has been teaching fitness and dance for over ten years. In 2005 she became interested in trauma psychotherapy and attended a Somatic Experiencing® training. She is also a graduate of New York University where she majored in art history and dance. Hilaria has been teaching yoga since 2005 and incorporates her dance and fitness background as well has her Somatic Experiencing® training into her classes.

In Hilaria’s classes you are invited to experience the body-mind union that is yoga. Through dynamic sequences you will consciously play between states of activation and release, allowing for deeper body awareness. Not only will you receive a good workout, but she also strongly stresses the ‘why’ for each movement, enabling you to take charge of your own practice and truly understand the purpose behind your yoga. Our bodies are always aware of our minds as they think—this is why we have a physical reaction to all of our emotions and thoughts. Our job as yoga practitioners is to encourage the mind to become aware of the body as it moves thus detecting and alleviating stress and suffering from our bodies. This methodology will empower you in your own body.

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